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Waiting times

The waiting times have increased to over 9 months in a short period of time. In order to prevent these waiting times from increasing further, we have decided to implement a temporary registration stop. At the moment, we regret to inform you that we are not accepting new patients and there is no availability for new referrals. If the registration stop is lifted, we will announce it here.

You can always contact your health insurance provider for potential waiting list mediation or alternative care options.


At the start of a treatment, a referral is always required. In most cases, you will be referred by your general practitioner (GP), but you can be referred by an occupational physician, medical specialist, or other healthcare provider as well. The referral letter must be in our possession before scheduling an intake appointment.

We request the following indication criteria to be motivated (briefly) by referrers:

  • Suspicion of the presence of a mental health problem according to ICD or DSM classification.
  • Presence of an (assumed) connection between the mental health problem and LGBTQ+ issues OR the importance of a specialized LGBTQ+-specialized treatment setting.

We also request referrers to ensure the following exclusion criteria

  • There is no indication for outreach care (e.g., FACT care).
  • The request is not solely related to social services.
  • The referral is not for diagnostic assessment and indication for medical transition WITHOUT an invitation.

Transgender people can only be referred by invitation for diagnostic assessment and indication for medical transition. We do NOT have our own waiting list for this care and exclusively approach patients from the waiting list of Amsterdam UMC.

Given the specialized focus of Kaleidos, we also offer the possibility of referrals from outside the greater Amsterdam region. However, when referring patients from outside this region, the primary care physician remains responsible for (coordinating) crisis care. During the waiting period until intake and outside office hours, the primary care physician is always responsible for (coordinating) crisis care.

Procedure of referral:

The referrer and patient familiarize themselves with the treatment offerings of Kaleidos and the patient's referral request.
The patient uploads their own information along with a valid referral letter via the Kaleidos website and receives an immediate confirmation of receipt.
The referrer refers the patient via the Kaleidos website or through Zorgdomein using a referral letter that meets the standard requirements, including a brief explanation of the two points mentioned under inclusion criteria (as mentioned above), and receives an immediate confirmation of receipt.
Screening and triage of the referral by Kaleidos within two weeks.
In the case of an invalid referral and/or if the inclusion and exclusion criteria are not met, the referrer will be contacted to provide a motivation or advice for follow-up.
In the case of a valid referral that fits the inclusion and exclusion criteria, the patient receives an invitation for an intake appointment or is informed on the anticipated timing of this intake appointment.
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